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Tony Esposito 2

Top 100 Goalies: No. 17 — Tony Esposito

Watching the boob tube helped him become a pioneer of the now ubiquitous butterfly style.

Matthew Murnagh/Hockey Canada

Feeder League to the Future: PWHL a stepping stone for next generation

The PWHL is a stepping stone for female players looking for a bridge to college and the pro game.

Matt Larkin's mid-season top 250 fantasy hockey players in 2019-20

Ranking players at mid-season can be especially tricky. It's a matter of predicting which streaks and slumps are for real, which will level out, and which goalie controversies will get resolved.


Pixels and Pucks: A History of Hockey Video Games

Hockey video games have made an incredible journey the past three decades, from pixelated characters to the spitting images of real players, from mindless fun to managing a salary cap, from something little kids play to something NHL players compete to represent. The Hockey News delves into the world of consoles to unearth the nuts and bolts of every landmark release and paradigm shift in how our great sport has appeared in game form.

All or Nothing: Expectations the same as always for Canada at the World Junior Championship

Best or bust: Canada enters another WJC with a gold-or-go-home outlook, but the perennial favorites need to find a go-to goalie.

Rena Laverty/USA Hockey

American Dream: Loaded with skill, Team USA has all eyes on gold

Team USA offers a nightmare scenario for opponents: scoring punch up front, standouts on the blueline and the best under-20 goalie in the world.

Picking the right battle has helped blueliner Broberg develop into key piece for Sweden's world junior side

The future Edmonton Oilers blueline staple chose to develop against men. It’s a decision he thinks will pay off at the WJC.

As he enters second world juniors, Vasily Podkolzin ready to rule for Russia

With a year of WJC experience under his belt, the Vancouver Canucks prospect is ready to lead.

Heinola's play will be integral to Finland's chances at the World Junior Championship

With a handful of NHL games already under his belt, the Jets’ Heiskanen-type will be key to the Finns’ repeat bid.

Host Czechs will get peskiness and production from Matej Pekar at World Junior Championship

Buffalo Sabres prospect brings a rare mix of offensive output and pest to the WJC host squad.

Reset the Expectations: Switzerland not a top contender, but could cause headaches at world juniors

The Swiss will be without a few of their top talents, but that doesn't mean they can't sneak up on the opposition.

Phoenix goalie needs to rise if Slovakia is to have a shot at World Junior Championship podium

The Slovaks have to hope Samuel Hlavaj's shoulders can be awfully broad at the World Junior Championship. Any chance the team has as making noise comes down to goaltending.

Germany can take teams by surprise if it all comes together at the right time

No one expecting Germany to finish atop the podium, but the world junior outfit might have enough talent to hang in games and even deliver a surprise or two along the way.

Does Kazakhstan have the talent to avoid going from darling to disaster at world juniors?

Kazakhstan was the talk of the tournament, the lovable underdog, at the 2018 World Junior Championship. But the good times might stop rolling when the 2019 tournament comes around.

Petr Kozelek/Piráti Chomutov

2020 World Junior Watch: One prospect from each team to keep an eye on

With the World Junior Championship on the horizon, each of the league's 31 teams will be sending a prospect or two to the tournament. Here's who to watch.

Words of wisdom from the bench: The impact of coaching at the World Junior Championship

The teenaged stars on the ice are the ones in the spotlight, but don’t ignore the impact a coach has in determining a nation’s fate.

One Rung Down: Players to watch at the Div. 1-A World Junior Championship

If you can’t get enough WJC action, keep an eye on these prospects at the Div. I-A tourney.

Kovalchuk Drama: What comes next for the aging Russian star?

Will it have a KHL ending? It’s on high alert once again as the 36-year-old struggles to keep up in NHL.


The Decline of Bodychecking: Physical play still present, but falling off in modern era

A growing emphasis on stick-on-puck defense, faster players and new rules has resulted in 10-year low in body blows. Hitting isn’t dead, but it is experiencing shrinkage.


Versus: Hedman or Carlson in a battle of former world junior standouts?

Carlson is the early Norris Trophy favorite after getting off to the best start of his career. But don’t discount Hedman. He can do it all – and do it very well.

Hit the books, then the ice: The 'Josh Effect' made Jets' Morrissey a star pupil prior to his NHL days

For Josh Morrissey, what goes on between the ears has always been as important as what goes on between the boards.

A dog with many tricks: Bertuzzi's brains guide the way to on-ice success

Those who haven’t watched Tyler Bertuzzi closely sell him short. A 30-goal season should put a stop to that.

Countdown: Which team has the best logo in the NHL?

Even more than jerseys, crests represent what NHL teams stand for. That’s why we should hold them to a high standard.

The Last Word: Let’s up the ante on suspensions

Linking a player’s suspension to the length of time the victim is sidelined might have a more profound impact on the culprits who routinely cross the line.