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5 reasons why Weird Al Yankovic should play the NHL All-Star Game (and not the Super Bowl)

Now that Weird Al Yankovic has hit new heights, there's a movement gaining steam to persuade the NFL to get him to play the half-time show at the Super Bowl. But really, isn't Weird Al far better aligned with the good, old hockey game than the ultra-slick show that is the NFL? We present five reasons why the NHL should pounce on him.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

So Weird Al Yankovic fans want their hero to perform at the Super Bowl. A
Facebook petition is gaining wide notoriety and going, as they say, viral. If it happens, good on them. I suppose. If it doesn’t transpire, the NHL should pounce on the king of spoof songs like Carey Price smothers rebounds. Really, he’s a far better fit for the good, old hockey game and would be the ideal choice to belt out parodies at All-Star in Columbus, the Winter Classic in Washington or the outdoor match in San Jose. Here are five reasons why:

  1. He’s niche and cult and a little quirky. Like us. Until his most recent album blew up on YouTube, Weird Al’s following, while extremely loyal and passionate, didn’t encompass much of the mainstream. He has thrived and been very popular in certain circles, but not necessarily cool, not everyone gets him. He plays the accordion, for Schmenge’s sake. Hockey is the accordion of major pro sports.
  2. Have you seen his hair? Football fans will tell you it looks a little like Troy Polamalu’s hairdo, but it’s far closer to stereotypical hockey hair than an All-American NFL coif. Especially circa 1985. Heck, he could almost pass for the fourth Hanson.
  3. We’re pretty sure he’s a closet hockey fan. At least three of his parodies – Canadian Idiot, Craigslist and Confessions, Part III – mention our great game. And while it’s not always in the most flattering way, we’re confident that’s just part of his cover, pardon the pun. When he croons, “I don’t want to be some beer swilling hockey nut,” what he’s really saying is “Yes, yes I do want to be some beer swilling hockey nut.” It’s part of the gag. Trust me.
  4. He’s a wannabe Canadian. For proof, we again reference Canadian Idiot. It’s perhaps the greatest homage ever paid to the Great White North, a sign of tremendous respect. If you aren’t familiar with it, take 2:33 and laugh your butt-end off. (For the record, curling is indeed a real sport).
  5. He’s from the Los Angeles area. That’d be the home of the reigning Stanley Cup champions. Guess which league doesn’t have a team in L.A.?


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