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A list of NHL stars that have retired since the lockout but have front-office jobs

Ron Francis, director of player development for the Carolina Hurricanes.

"This job really intrigued me. It lets me learn a lot about different areas of the game, from player evaluations to scouting process to a little bit on the coaching side, what it takes to push the right buttons on some of the these guys to get them to respond, as well as learning about the management side, why you make certain decisions to sign guys or not. I've always been on the ice and knowing the game from that perspective so this a chance to educate myself on the other aspects, which is great."


Steve Yzerman, vice-president, Detroit Red Wings.

"For now my intention over the next year or two is just to have some positive input into our organization but really just learning how the business is run with the idea at some point in the future of taking on a more a bigger role on the staff somewhere along the way."


Brett Hull, assistant to the president with the Dallas Stars.

"I felt that I had learned a great deal about the game and thought that with the way I played the game and my knowledge of the game that I could offer a great deal of help, not only in knowledge of the game, but maybe in public relations or marketing or anything like that. Especially in a market like Dallas, since I live here, I thought it would be a great place to fit in where I won a Stanley Cup and where I was familiar and friendly with the organization. I just wanted to try to learn about it and see where it goes from there."


Luc Robitaille, assistant to the governor for the Los Angeles Kings.

"It's important that we're there to sell the game, but I think it's more important that we're involved in the right way. I don't think any of us are interested in coming in and just shaking hands. I think our biggest thing is that we want to come in and really learn the business at whatever level we're in and move forward from there."


Vincent Damphousse, director of business relations, NHLPA.

"You need to be interested first before you take any job. It has to drive you. It's very difficult to find something that's as exciting and as powerful of a thrill as playing the game and being on the ice in front of tonnes of fans. That's tough to find again. But if you can find something that you're interested in that motivates you, that's the key. And I was able to find that."


Al MacInnis, vice-president of hockey operations, St. Louis Blues.

"It's another voice for J.D. (president John Davidson) and (general manager) Larry (Pleau) ... This is the direction I feel suits me the best."


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