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After slash from Duchene, French captain performs ridiculous dive at World Championship

During World Championship action between Canada and France, the French captain Laurent Meunier took a slash to the hand-area from Matt Duchene and performed a hilarious dive. Slashed at the blueline, Meunier went sliding through the entire zone and into the corner. The dive had added flair thanks to a flying glove and Meunier's reaction once he got up from the ice.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

For some, watching a hockey player dive in an attempt to draw a call is enough to make their blood boil. But there are certain times you simply can't help but laugh at a player's acting job and the effort by Laurent Meunier, the captain of the French team, was one of those.

Midway through the second frame of Saturday's game, Meunier was breaking up the wing on a 3-on-2 rush with Matt Duchene, the first forward in a defensive position on the backcheck, in pursuit. When Meunier was in reach, Duchene swung his stick into the hands of Meunier, causing the French captain's glove to go flipping off and sending his body sprawling into the boards. The worst part is that Meunier's hard sell worked:

(Video courtesy Streamable user zetka)

If you listen closely, you can hear what actually happened: Meunier's stick was slapped by the blade of Duchene's stick. The smacking of the two sticks together is actually audible in the replay. Following the dive, once Meunier had collected himself and gotten up from the corner, he got right in Duchene's face.

Once the scrum begins to die down, Duchene is seen going over to the referee in an attempt to plead his case but is shut down by a stiff arm before being sent off to the box.

The result of the slash and ensuing fracas was a two-minute minor for Duchene to go along with roughing minors to Nathan MacKinnon and Benjamin Fauvel Dieude. C'est la vie.


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