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Alexei Emelin crushes Chris VandeVelde with a big, clean hit

Canadiens defenseman Alexei Emelin has thrown 151 hits this year, and Flyers winger Chris VandeVelde is sure to remember the one he received on Tuesday. Emelin lined VandeVelde up perfectly and delivered a textbook body check that would make Scott Stevens proud.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Chris VandeVelde had to be sore when he woke up Wednesday morning.

Philadelphia’s VandeVelde was carrying the puck down the wing Tuesday night with Montreal’s Dale Weise giving chase. With Weise on his tail, VandeVelde lowered his head to keep his eye on the puck in order to chip it into the Canadiens zone. Someone should have told him that Montreal blueliner Alexei Emelin was charging hard, ready to light him up with a big, clean body check.

The hit by Emelin is a work of art, and one would expect nothing less from the Canadiens' hits leader. Emelin makes one quick cut in the direction of VandeVelde to line him up, loads up all the power in his legs and drives up through his body into the shoulder of the Flyers winger without leaving his feet.

Thankfully, VandeVelde was all right and skated away no worse for wear. Or at least we think. There’s a good chance he needed to ice up his shoulders after the blast from Emelin.

The Canadiens downed the Flyers 2-1 in overtime thanks to a David Desharnais tally.


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