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Angela James

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: Former forward for Team Canada. Subject of the book "Angela James: The First Superstar of Women's Hockey." Currently serves as Senior Sports/Recreation Coordinator at Seneca College in Toronto.

DOB: Dec. 22, 1964 In: Toronto

First Hockey Memory: "Sitting down in the living room and watching an NHL game on TV."

Hockey Inspirations: "Oh, quite a few. As a kid growing up I used to like Guy Lafleur, Darryl Sittler. Later on it was Mark Messier, Pavel Bure and Wayne Gretzky."

Last Book Read: "The Secret."

Current Car: "I drive an Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer is what they call it."

Greatest Sports Moment: "I would have to say my first national championship in Brantford, Ontario, when we played for Team Ontario and beat Alberta in the hometown of Wayne Gretzky."

Most Painful Moment: "For me, would be getting cut from the Olympic team in '98."

Favorite Uniforms: "In terms of NHL - it's been so long since I've seen the uniforms because of the (lockout) - let's go with Vancouver's."

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: "Just losing it. Sometimes on the ice when I was younger, just kind of losing control."

First Famous Hockey Player You Met Or Encountered: "I think it was Eddie Shack, he came as a guest speaker at one of my banquets as a little girl. Clear the track, here comes Shack (chuckles)."

Worst Injury: "Would be a separated shoulder."

Most Memorable Goal: "I'd have to say the first goal at the world championships in 1990 at the Civic Centre in Ottawa. At the first world championship. It was the first time it was televised. TSN televised it, so it was pretty special."

Strangest Game: 
"I played roller hockey, traditional roller hockey, that's kind of strange. It's like field hockey, soccer and basketball all in one. The other team wore quad skates while we wore in-line. It's kind of different. It was at the world championships in Europe. We were successful - we won a gold and silver medal in two different world championships. It was kind of a different sport to get used to. I remember we went to small cities in Portugal and Spain, the crowds were crazy, they were really into it, they'd have drums, screaming, yelling, it was incredible. Really fun time."

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: "Baseball."

Athletes You Like To Watch And Follow: "If I get the time between children and hockey...Jamal Mayers, Theo Peckham."

Funny Hockey Memory: "Judy Diduck was a member of our team. Her brother (Gerald) played in the NHL. I remember being in Edmonton. She drove a little VW Bug and we all picked it up and moved it around the corner on her. I thought that was pretty fun. She came out, it was gone, she couldn't see it."

Toughest Competitors Encountered: "Quite a few. I'd have to say the toughest competitor for me, from the U.S., would be Karen Bye. She's very strong, played defense, tough to beat back there. Very steady. I thought she was a very solid, solid player."

Funniest Player(s) Encountered: "Absolutely one would be Judy Diduck. She was just always clowning around, doing silly things. She was just fun to be around. (What would she do?) Like putting a big red nose on her face under her mask. We'd do a double take, like, ‘What are you doing? We're trying to be serious.’ She was just doing stupid things like that, that's why we got her with her car."

Personality Qualities Most Admired:
"I like people with good integrity. Pretty honest. And hard working. Have that serious side - and a fun side. Leave the game of hockey in the room and go out and enjoy life."

Career Accomplishments: Won gold medals at 1990, 1992, 1994, 1997 IIHF world championships; Inducted into IIHF Hall of Fame in 2008, Hockey Hall of Fame in 2010 and Canada Sports Hall of Fame in 2009.

Mark 'Scoop' Malinowski's second book "Marcelo Rios: The Man We Barely Knew" is available on Malinowski is the creator of two websites: and



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