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Anson Carter's Fan Shootout answers

What is it like playing your old team so often? I know when Gretzky left the Oilers, Messier didn't hesitate to hit him hard, is it the same for you?

Justin Tremblay, Port Alberni, BC

The first time you play your old team its a little weird but you get over it after your first shift.

Playing on a line with the Sedin twins, are you picking up any Swedish?

Joseph F. Wolos, Philadelphia.

No, but I have been checking bookstores for Swedish for Dummies so that maybe if I get lucky I could learn in a hurry.

Was scoring the game-winning goal for Canada at the world championships the highlight of your career so far?

Sam Barber, London, Ont.

It certainly was one of them I think the other was playing my first game in 96' for the Caps against the Blackhawks.

What is your favorite memory from your minor hockey career?

Mary Jane Wilks, St. Catharines, Ont.

My favorite memories from my minor hockey career were just going to tournaments with my teams and playing mini hockey in the hotel on our floor, those were the days.

What is your favorite example of a road trip prank?

Anton Alderliesten, New Haven, Conn.

I'm not a big prankster I leave that up to the other guys on our team, the most creative I might get would be to order room service and charge it to another guys room.

Do you and Brendan Morrison rib each other about the Michigan/MSU rivalry?

Michael Nestlehut, Harper Woods, Mich.

Mo and I keep close tabs on our respective schools. So far I owe him a couple of dinners.

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