1 Canada Air Division shows off its pride in the new Winnipeg Jets of the NHL

WINNIPEG – Jets pride has gone global, thanks to a Winnipeg-based division of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Recent photos from Kandahar, Alert Bay and Italy show members of 1 Canada Air Division displaying their pride in Winnipeg’s new NHL team.

Division spokesman David Elias says three flags displayed in the photos were among six Winnipeg Jets flags the NDP gave to 17 Wing on the day the franchise unveiled its new uniforms at the RCAF base in September.

The rondel that the NHL team adopted is inspired by the air force’s symbol.

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Elias says the air force is honoured by the relationship with the team.

At the Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan, Canadian forces formed their own Jets hockey team after Canada took on its mission there in 2008.

Getting the NHL back in Winnipeg was big news in Kandahar, Elias said.

Soldiers had parcels sent from home with gear featuring the new logo, while others went with the vintage Jets jerseys, which they had with them for their own Jets games.

(Winnipeg Free Press)