10 fan signs in NHL arenas that made us laugh

Some NHL fans get highly creative with the signs they bring to games in their attempts to get noticed. We’ve chosen 10 from over the years that made us chuckle.

Signs, signs everywhere a sign. But mostly in Philadelphia. That’s the major finding of a completely unscientific, whimsical search we did on fans with placards in NHL arenas. Spectators in rinks across North America love to hold up Bristol board to get attention from players, cameras and Jumbotrons, but the City of Brotherly Love seems particularly enamored of the practice. Maybe it can be traced back to Sign Man, Dave Leonardi, the local who started spreading his gospel at the old Spectrum beginning in 1972.

sign man Whatever the case, it’s all for a fun cause…most of the time. Other trends that emerged from our scan of sign images over the years include: • a host of young women who want to marry, attend prom or have a more brief encounters with NHL players • Sidney Crosby isn’t very well liked outside Pittsburgh. Seriously. • Appropriate grammar and spelling are optional. We ain’t kiddin’. Here are 10 slogans in which we found some humor, ranging from “laugh out loud”, to “well played, sir/madam” to “huh???”.
Los Angeles Kings v Columbus Blue Jackets
1. So he’s feeling more passion for the Jackets than his girl and she wants Ryan Johansen. Sounds like the plot for an episode of Blind Date.  
Anaheim Ducks v St. Louis Blues
2. We appreciate the word play, but what’s the message? Is it a compliment about T.J’s hind quarters? Or a description of the way he’d been playing.  
Carl Finocchiaro, holding his two-year-old son Wilson, broke out a funny sign after coming up empty in a lottery for standing room tickets for the Avalanche Devils Stanley Cup game Saturday afternoon at the Pepsi Center. Denver Post photo by Karl Gehring.
3. So many questions. Did dad complete the transaction? Was children’s aid notified? What role does “Smiling Passerby” play?  
Philadelphia Flyers v New York Islanders
4. A classic. Straightforward, honest, highly legible. And plenty of space between the sign-holder and ‘The Hammer’. Remember, this was the ’70s, when players entered the stands on a few occasions.  
Calgary Flames v Detroit Red Wings
5. The look on the boy’s face says as much as his creative sign. We salute the salute.  
Buffalo Sabres v Philadelphia Flyers
6. This young woman apparently wants Claude Giroux to know she’s eligible to vote.  
Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Four
7. This sign contains three spelling errors. How quickly can you spot them? Go…  
Pittsburgh Penguins v Ottawa Senators - Game Three
8. Paul was indeed the Walrus. Or was it John?  
Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers
9. He doth protest too much, methinks.  
Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers
10. Gotta love signs that are written in dialogue format. Now, I want to read more.            

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