10 more innovative NHL camera angles we’d love to see

What do you think about all the new camera angles Sportsnet is offering? We think there’s room for more. Way more. Well, at least 10 more.

Wednesday signaled the beginning of a “new era” in hockey. Perhaps you’d heard?

If you’re a puck fan in Canada, it was tough not to be aware of Sportsnet’s plans to turn every day into Hockey Day. And who can blame them? After committing $5.2 billion over 12 years to the NHL, they’re all in.

The first manifestation of their game night production was, overall, solid. We could quibble and nitpick, but we won’t. We enjoyed the experience. If nothing else, they deserve praise for effort, for being willing to experiment and take risks.

They certainly aren’t holding back when it comes to camera angles. The Sky Cam. The Star Cam. The Ref Cam. The Point of View Cam. We’re guessing that as the season progresses, they’ll refine their usage of the various vantage points and we’ll all grow accustomed to hockey viewing’s next level.

In fact, we think there’s room for growth, that Sportsnet could add even more cameras to give us a comprehensive, 360-degree picture of what it’s like to be at an NHL game. So, with that, we offer the following suggestions for additional camera placements.

1.    The Shana-Cam: See every press box breath inhaled – and exhaled – by new Leafs boss Brendan Shanahan.

2.    The Ham Cam: P.K. Subban is ready for his close up. Always. Let’s be there with him.

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3.    The Scam Cam: Check out the suckers paying $40 for a couple of beers and dogs at the concessions.

4.    The Cam Cam: Same as the Shana-Cam, but trained on often-effusive Boston president Cam Neely.

5.    The Scram Cam: Catch the hometown fans scurrying to the exits after their club surrenders that soul-destroying, empty net goal.

6.    The Spam Cam: Get the Jumbotron feed delivered directly to your living room, replete with sponsors and ads.

7.    The Whole Dam Fam Cam: This is one for later in the season, when Jordan Staal is healthy, Marc has been dealt to the Canes, joining Eric and Jared in Raleigh.

8.    The Can Cam: Our chance to see what really happens at the post-game drug testing procedure.

9.    The Sharon, Lois and Bram Cam: When your team is being thumped, what better way of improving your spirits and feeling loved than an endless loop of Skinnamarink?

10.    The Wam Bam Thank You Stam Cam: Be right there with a healthy Steven Stamkos as he scores frequently. Yes, just on the ice.

What did you think of the new camera angles? Got any further suggestions?