11-year-old Japanese hockey star will put your hands to shame

If this highlight reel is any indication, 11-year-old Japanese hockey star Iguchi Aito is on his way to becoming one of the best puck handlers to ever step foot on the ice. The kid has some serious hands.

Before they were stars, the likes of Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon, and, now, Connor McDavid were all labeled the same way. They were prodigies, waiting to explode onto the scene.

It was somewhat expected, however. North American kids excelling at a largely North American game isn’t too shocking. But this is.

Take a look at Iguchi Aito, the 11-year-old Japanese hockey prodigy, who plays like a man ten years his senior:

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Aito, who hails from Saitama, Japan, is clearly head and shoulders above the competition. He’ll be eligible for the CHL Import Draft in, oh, five short years.

Not to get to far ahead of ourselves, but if Aito continues on this path and makes his way to the NHL, he’ll be only the second Japanese national to suit up in the league.