11-year-old Japanese phenom is back with more jaw-dropping dangles

11-year-old Japanese hockey prodigy Aito Iguchi is back and this time he’s pulling out moves that will leave your jaw firmly planted on the floor. You have to see it to believe it.

Remember Aito Iguchi? Sure you do. He was the 11-year-old stickhandling sensation that made his competition looks like they were wearing shoes out on the ice. Well, he’s back by popular demand.

Iguchi shows off another handful of his spectacular moves, including an incredible, spinning breakaway goal that you just have to see:

Good gracious. Those are moves many that would make many of us throw out our backs just dreaming of.

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If you stuck around until the end of the video, you can see just why Iguchi is as talented as he is. He clearly put in the work. At 9, he was already tearing up a blacktop on rollerblades working on his hands.

Is it too early to talk about how Iguchi is draft eligible in 2021?