16-year-old flips puck over defender, bats it into the net for must-see goal

The goal of the year may have come from a 16-year-old playing prep-school hockey in British Columbia. Nathan Pelletier picked up a loose puck, flipped it over a downed defender and batted it into the net for a must-see goal.

Get ready to witness what may be the goal of the year. It’s not scored by Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin, and it didn’t happen in any type of pro league. No, instead the 2015-16 goal of the year may have come from a 16-year-old in a prep-school game.

In a Saturday game between Burnaby Winter Club’s U18 squad and Couer d’Alene Hockey Academy, BWC’s Nathan Pelletier used an incredible amount of creativity to bury a diving, line-drive tally in a 7-0 victory for the club from British Columbia.

The goal starts with Pelletier picking the puck up in the corner, but it’s his move when he cuts towards the net that makes the goal. We won’t spoil it for you:

If you have to watch that a few times to wrap your head around it, be our guest, because we have no idea how Pelletier managed to smack this goal home.

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First, he flipped the puck into the air over a prone defender and then leapt over the defender while falling to his right. Pelletier then managed to make contact with the puck on a baseball-like swing and send it rocketing past the Couer d’Alene netminder.

There are some good reactions to Pelletier’s goal. Couer d’Alene’s netminder, for instance, has no idea where the puck is. In the background, two of Pelletier’s teammates put their hands on their head in a how-did-he-do-that manner. Then, of course, there’s the audible “ooh!” from those in attendance.

Pelletier’s goal was his fourth goal in 17 games this season and it was his second of two points in the contest against Couer d’Alene. Pelletier’s goal was the fifth for BWC on the evening, as they coasted to a 7-0 victory.