A clean head shot? Give me a break

Trevor Jones, London, Ont.

There is no such thing as a “clean” head shot. People argue that it’s within the rules, but that doesn’t make it clean.

Players talk about a code of honor and the need to respect your opposition, yet there was Mike Richards, hitting a player who had passed the puck up ice long before contact was made, and David Booth, knocked unconscious, is being criticized for admiring his pass.

He was not admiring his pass, he was watching the play develop up the ice and Richards came in with the intent to knock Booth’s head off of his shoulders.

Richards is a fantastic hockey player, but what he did to Booth was reprehensible.

Another argument is hockey is a very fast game. Well, so is football and they seem to have eliminated head shots in that sport. Hockey players are professional athletes, and as such, should be able to control their bodies even while going at the breakneck pace required to play hockey.

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And before anyone makes the size-differential argument, when was the last time Hal Gill or Zdeno Chara was accused of head-hunting?

I only hope that the old guard preventing real reform on head shots is soon out of power and a new wave of people comes in who will not let the players be so stupid as to perpetuate a culture of violence and near barbarism that shortens and even ends careers.