A Latvian rap song about Zemgus Girgensons? A Latvian rap song about Zemgus Girgensons

Zemgus Girgensons is adored in his native Latvia. First, his countrymen make him the top vote-getter for the 2015 NHL all-star game – and now, it seems a Latvian rap band has created a song in his honor. You’ll never say his name the same way again.

This really is turning out to be the year of Zemgus Girgensons. First, the Latvian’s entire country votes online to make him the highest vote-getter for the 2015 NHL All-Star Game – and now, a rap band from his homeland honors him with a song about the talented Sabres center.

The rap group’s name is Olas, and they really like Zemgus Girgensons. I mean, they really like him. Since I don’t speak Latvian and haven’t found a translation of the lyrics, you’ll have to figure them out on your own for now. But the chorus alone is catchy as hell:

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You’ll never say Zemgus Girgensons the same way again. I know I won’t.