A look at the history of fighting in hockey

A look at the evolution of fighting in hockey over the past 90-plus years:

1922—NHL institutes rules for fighting, including making it a five-minute major penalty.

1936—Stanley Cup final between Red Wings and Maple Leafs features bench-clearing brawl.

1977—NHL implements “third man in” rule that ejects a player who interjects into a one-on-one fight.

1979—NHL grandfathers wearing of helmets by incoming players.

1987—In effort to prevent large-scale brawls, NHL makes leaving the bench to join an altercation an automatic suspension.

1992—NHL institutes the “instigator” rule, which gives the instigator of a fight an extra two-minute minor penalty and a game misconduct.

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2005—NHL adopts rule started in ECHL that includes an ejection fine and suspension for any player who instigates a fight in in the final five minutes of the third period or overtime and a fine for his coach.

2013—NHL grandfathers wearing of visors by all incoming players and those with 25 or fewer games, makes it an extra penalty to remove helmets before a fight.