Adam vs. Bob

Brian Hunsberger, Waterloo, Ont.

So Adam Proteau doesn’t think Bob Gainey has a “blueprint for success?” (Pimp My Franchise, Aug 3/09 edition).
If Proteau had read Ken Campbell’s cover story in the same edition before writing his piece, Bob’s blueprint would have been quite clear.
As to whether it succeeds or not, Gainey provides his usual succinct response, “Who knows?…That’s why we play.”
But if I had to choose between Gainey’s hockey knowledge and Proteau’s, I’m picking Bob. Gainey always acts based on a carefully considered plan.
Win or lose, the Habs team character has undergone a major transplant. As Scott Gomez said, “When you play the Montreal Canadiens, you’re gonna know you were in a game.”

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