Add a pickup element to All-Star Game

Reading your ideas for the All-Star Game had my mind churning about how entertaining it could be. I have an idea I’ve never heard mentioned before that might be entertaining.

Divide the teams just like a pickup game. The league could have a contest for a kid to win the opportunity to toss the sticks out. At the start of the weekend have all the players throw their sticks in at center ice and let the kid divvy them up.

Of course ensure there are three goalies per team, but as for the rest, whatever you get is what you play with.

No centers on your team? Oh well, adapt and overcome. Just forming the teams would be worth watching.

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As for what sweaters to wear, I was thinking it should be based on the home city/team. This year it could have been the Thrashers sweaters for one team and the old Atlanta Flames for the other. Next year it could be the Canadiens vs. the Maroons.

I thought this was a pretty original idea until I turned the page in the article. I hope the league takes steps that would give fans more out of this game, because we deserve it.

Keith Akers, Cape Coral, Fla.