AHL’s Milwaukee Admirals release awesome new jerseys, logo

The Milwaukee Admirals may officially have the nicest jerseys in all of hockey. The club unveiled their redesign Wednesday and the new logo is an outstanding mix of the Admirals’ logo history and unique color scheme.

  The Milwaukee Admirals may be a minor league club, but they’ve got big league style. Wednesday evening the Admirals, the AHL affiliate for Nashville, officially unveiled their brand new jerseys, logos and shoulder patches, and the AHL club’s new look is set to be one of the best in the affiliate league next season. While the Admirals’ previous look – a cartoon skull with a pirate hat on – was one of the more unique marks in the AHL, the new crest goes above and beyond what many would have expected from a rebrand. Now, Milwaukee’s logo features a grimmer looking skeletal pirate, complete epaulets and the pirate hat, with the word mark underneath. Thanks to the Admirals’ continued use of one of the more unique color schemes in professional hockey – white, grey, navy and baby blue – the logo looks crisp and clean, too.

“The new logo is an evolution of the Admirals last logo and features a more fierce and determined sailor,” the Admirals said in a release. “The sailor is accented by the upper portion of a naval uniform and a hat that was inspired by the one worn by the Admirals ‘Captain Crunch’ logo from the late 70s and early 80s. The hat is adorned with an “A” composed by three bones.”
Admirals Jersey worn It’s not just the main logo that stands out, though. The redesigned shoulder patch is a clever homage to both the skeleton that has become synonymous with the Admirals while mixing in a secondary mark that was popularized by baseball with intertwined letters. The M&A logo, as the Admirals have dubbed it, is about as good as a secondary mark can get. With a new logo comes new jerseys, and the design team that put helped put together Milwaukee’s redesign, Studio Simon in Louisville, Ky., scored another win on the Admirals’ new threads. Gone are the straight lines and piping and instead the new jerseys feature curving lines and really pop. Here’s a full view of the Admirals’ set up for next season:
All MKE ADS jerseys

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