Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach ices money for new NHL arenas in Calgary, Edmonton

CALGARY – Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach has made short work of any suggestion that his province will be forking over some cash to help build new hockey arenas in Edmonton and Calgary.

Stelmach was commenting on suggestions that Ottawa might be ready to spend 180-million dollars to help build a new arena in the hope of bringing NHL back to Quebec City.

He says the fact that a number of MP’s are wearing vintage Nordique jerseys today suggests that “maybe we’re getting close to an election—federally”.

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Stelmach says he understands that the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames would also like some financial aid in either refurbishing or building brand new arenas.

But he says Alberta has more pressing priorities such as education and health.

Stelmach, who is an avid hockey fan, says any provincial support will have to come in infrastructure in providing roads and access and the money for the buildings will have to come from private sources.