Alex Pietrangelo’s tender tribute to his brave niece will warm your heart

Blues star defenseman Alex Pietrangelo shaved his head this week, and for good reason: in support of his five-year-old niece who is battling a rare cancer. In this video, Pietrangelo discusses her bravery.

For St. Louis Blues star defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, the decision to shave his head this week was easy: it was for his five-year-old niece, Ellie Kannel, who was battling a rare cancer.

In the off-season, Pietrangelo used his Twitter account to discuss Ellie’s diagnosis: she had a Wilms tumor, a kidney cancer that mainly affects children. And since she was undergoing chemotherapy, Pietrangelo cut his hair in a show of support:

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The hockey world undoubtedly wishes Ellie and her family the best. They have linked with a fundraising website to help cover the costs of her medical expenses. To contribute, click here.