Alexander Ovechkin’s Fan Shootout answers

What has your fondest memory of your time in the NHL been so far?
Nolan Schlegel, Calgary, Atla.

My fondest memory would be playing in my first NHL game vs. Columbus. We won, I had a big hit my first shift and I also scored.

Are you good friends with Evgeni Malkin at all?
Grady Froese, Chemaimus, B.C.

Yes I am. We played World Junior together two years ago and again in World Cup last year. He’s a very good player and a good buddy.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
Kene Ekwue, London, England

I eat two pieces of filet mignon before every game at lunch.

What is the biggest difference you see between the new rules in the NHL and the game you grew up with overseas?
Gary Lorimer, Calgary, Alta.

The game is 100 percent different. The biggest different being clutching and grabbing.

Why do you wear a tinted visor, is it so you only see in black and white and therefore only concentrate on the puck and the ice?
Timothy A. Mast, Rainy River, Ont.

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Tinted visor is just my style. I only wear it for that reason.

Who’s the funniest guy you ever played with?
Tara Hutson, Columbus, OH

Vladislav Boullion. We played for Dynamo together for two years. He’s a big practical joker and a very funny man.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in adapting to the North American lifestyle?
Wayne Adolph, Winnipeg, MB

Living without my family and parents. Also, it’s a new country, new people and culture. It’s just different all around but I love it.

Do you ever read the sports pages to see how other rookies are doing, or does it not bother you?
Roy Leader, North Bay, Ont.

Sometimes I do out of curiosity. But only if the stats are right in front of me. Overall I really do not care much. I just want to win in Washington every night.

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