All-Star jersey leak nails it, neon green to be worn for game

The NHL has unveiled the jerseys for the All-Star Game, and the neon green piping is going to make its debut. The green, known as electric green, pays homage to the Columbus Blue Jackets original logo.

In early December, the potential jerseys for the All-Star game leaked, and they were met with somewhat of a mixed reaction. Neon green? Really? Well, the NHL officially unveiled the jerseys for the mid-season spectacle on Friday, and simply put, they’re not far from what had been expected. The jerseys, which have the same neon green and silver piping that was rumored back in December, feature a giant NHL shield, just in case anyone forgets what game they’re watching.

ASGSewnNumber The neon green is actually referred to as “electric green,” and is a tip of the cap to the host for the Jan. 24 All-Star Game, Columbus, as the original Blue Jackets logo featured the color back when the team first broke into the league. There hasn’t been an All-Star game since 2012 and, as such, there hasn’t been a change in the jerseys since 2011 when the teams went with blue and red color schemes, which was more in line with what had been commonplace since the 1998 edition of the game. The new look is a drastic change from what NHL fans have be accustomed to as the look for the game. It’s not the first time, however, the league has worn jerseys to match the city they’re in. For the 2004 game, held in Minnesota, teams wore an off-white color mixed, with one team sporting green and the other red. The resulting jerseys looked similar to what Minnesota currently wears as its alternate sweater.

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