All stars or no stars

What is going on with the NHL All-Star Game this year? Did Ricky from The Trailer Park Boys devise the voting procedure this year?

I wasn’t surprised when I heard Sidney Crosby eclipsed the record for most all-star votes because Crosby is the face of hockey all around the world. But to hear nine other players have eclipsed the record really unveiled how preposterous this voting procedure is.

To see Mike Komisarek eclipse the record with just two points as of January 3 is absurd. He is without a doubt a premier shutdown defenseman, but not worthy of this many votes.

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Jagr reached 96 points in 2000 and went on to win the Art Ross Trophy, while Komisarek is on pace to finish with a mere nine points at the end of this campaign. Does this sound right?

The voting procedure that was put in place for this All-Star Game is a disgrace to the league and its true all-stars.

Andrew Antinucci, Toronto, Ont.