Alyn McCauley

Status: NHL forward from 1997 to 2007 with Toronto, San Jose and Los Angeles. Currently serves as a scout for the Los Angeles Kings.

Ht: 5-foot-11 Wt: 200 pounds

DOB: May 29, 1977 In: Brockville, Ont.

First Hockey Memory: “My father (Daniel) taking me out to the St. Lawrence River to skate and it was frigid temperatures. Just being on the ice and playing hockey. I also remember getting an autographed picture from Guy Lafleur early in my childhood.”

Hockey Inspiration:
“Montreal Canadiens and Mario Lemieux.”

“Mac, Little Mac, Shooter.”

Last Book Read: “It’s called Choke. It’s based on why some people, under pressure, choke.”

Favorite Movies: “My all-time favorite is Tommy Boy with Chris Farley, who I got to meet in Toronto. Usually anything with Tom Hanks is good.”

First Job: “Painter. My dad owned a painting business and still does.”

First Car:
“An Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (white).”

Current Car: “Chevy Colorado truck (red).”

Greatest Sports Moment: “Probably being a finalist for the Selke Trophy (2004).”

Most Painful Moment: “Getting hit by Sheldon Souray and thinking, ‘My career is over.’ (Where?) In Toronto. March 3, 2002 I believe.”

Favorite Uniforms: “Vancouver Canucks. The simple hockey stick.”

Favorite Arenas To Play: “Probably my home rink for my first year and a half – Maple Leaf Gardens. Just because of the tradition and nostalgia there.”

Most Memorable Goal: “It shouldn’t be too hard – I didn’t score too many (smiles). I wouldn’t say ‘most memorable goal’ but I scored two in Ottawa in a 2-1 win in the playoffs. That was a memorable scoring experience.”

Closest NHL Friend:
“Too many to list. Lots from my junior days and also my NHL days.”

Funniest Players Encountered: “Ian Laperriere was one of the funniest I’ve heard – on and off the ice.”

Toughest Competitors Encountered: “There were lots of them. Two guys early on in my career who I didn’t enjoy facing were Forsberg and Sakic. And Gary Roberts – intense all the time, whether it be working out, playoff game, practice, he brought his best all the time. His intensity level was always high.”

Funny Hockey Memory: “I would say playing with Glen Healy. ‘Heals’ always made it enjoyable. Funny guy to be around. (He plays bagpipes right?) He actually played the bagpipes for my wedding. He is a colorful guy and fun guy to be around. He had a lot of stories on Al Arbour. He was never short on them. He always had a story ready. (Can you share one?) Just funny quips, there were lots of them, but I won’t regurgitate them for the guys who were embarrassed by them.”

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Embarrassing Hockey Memory: “I’m sure I’ve had a few. I do remember, off the top of my head, tripping on a carpet. This was back in junior. They rolled a carpet out, the lights were out and I caught an edge on that. I also remember Vinny Damphousse when we both played together in San Jose. You’d come out through the shark head. They’d throw a lot of smoke out there. He didn’t see. They had big teeth on the shark. He caught a tooth on the way out and went sprawling. And then everyone had to dodge around him. I can’t remember if he took anyone else out, but he went down hard.”

Favorite Players To Watch: “Mario Lemieux for sure. As far as guys I played with, Alexander Mogilny was the most skilled guy I ever played with. Today, Stamkos, Crosby, most of the guys people like to watch. Probably my favorite, though, is Datsyuk.”

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: “Golf. Growing up basketball. But now golf.”

Strangest Game: “It isn’t strange or odd – I can’t think of the word. But before a game in Toronto, it was supposed to be a special night. We had St. Patrick’s jerseys. They used to be called the Toronto St. Pats, which were green jerseys – a special jersey to wear. And, opening ceremony, a family member from an alumni passed away on the bench. So that was an odd moment, or a tough moment, and then to play in a game afterwards.”

First NHL Jersey As A Kid: “The first jersey I put on my back was a red Montreal Canadiens. It seems to be ingrained in my family and my dad is quietly, or not so quietly, persuading or brainwashing my children that way (smiles).”

People/Personality Qualities Most Admired: “Honesty. Being respectful. Just true to one’s self.”

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