Amazing image shows Stanley Cup champions through history and the jerseys they wore

Take a look back through the Stanley Cup championship jerseys of history with an incredible graphic that shows the threads each team wore when capturing the Stanley Cup. All the details are included, right down to embroidery and shoulder patches. Even subtle jersey changes are picked up on in this incredible image.

The Chicago Blackhawks just celebrated their third Stanley Cup victory in six seasons in a Thursday night parade. And while the beautiful red, white and black jerseys of the Blackhawks has become one of the league’s iconic sweaters, thanks to an outstanding new graphic, you can check out the threads they wore all the way back in 1934 when they won their franchise’s first Stanley Cup. On the chart, excellently
put together by Chris Creamer at, you can see every single jersey that was worn by each team, including the variations in exactly what the Cup itself looked like. Complete with shoulder patches, Stanley Cup final patches, embroidery (such as the year 2000 patch the Devils wore) and more appear on the graphic. Take a look:

Stanley Cup jerseys large

It’s especially interesting to watch the changes in the Stanley Cup, including it going from a small bowl to the incredible length it grew between 1929 and 1930. Of course, the image is littered with Montreal Canadiens jerseys and it’s cool to see the dynastic stretches of the New York Islanders and Edmonton Oilers. Creamer’s solution for the influenza that claimed the 1918-19 Stanley Cup and the lockout that left the Cup unawarded in 2004-05 were perfect, too. Most impressive, maybe, is the impeccable attention to detail. If you look closely, even the subtle changes in jersey style, like the NHL crest in the collar of the Reebok EDGE style jerseys that was introduced in 2008, are included in the graphic.

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