American announcers need to listen to Cole, Cuthbert and Jeanneret

OK here’s the situation, your team just made a nice play to score a beautiful goal, or they just tied the game with a few minutes left, you jump up in the air and cheer at the top of your lungs, only to be disheartened by a commentator who sounds like he just woke up from a nap.

These American play-by-play commentators are terrible! Most of the game is spent talking about stats or the tasty spaghetti the team ate the night before! Why can’t they listen to a few games commentated by Bob Cole or Chris Cuthbert? These guys make you feel like a million bucks when your team scores, but they also get equally excited when the opposing team scores.

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It adds a lot to the experience. Despite the opinions of most hockey fans, Rick Jeanneret is actually an amazing announcer. If you listen, he goes crazy for the Sabres, but he also shows some excitement when the other team scores.

Maybe Jeanneret should be the commentator who wakes the American announcers up from their slumber and put some more excitement into the game.

After all, who wants to talk about spaghetti?

Jordan Kean, Paradise, Nfld.