American League issues rule change after goaltender’s 2-on-0 antics

After some quick thinking led to the nullification of a 2-on-0, American League goaltender David Leggio created quite a stir. On Thursday, the AHL announced a rule change that will forever be known as “The Leggio Rule.”

American League goaltender David Leggio will now forever be remembered for the creation of what we can now call, “The Leggio Rule.”

On Sunday, Nov. 2, in a game in which Leggio’s Bridgeport Sound Tigers took on the visiting Springfield Falcons, a mishandled breakout turned into a shorthanded 2-on-0 attempt for the Falcons. Leggio, ever the quick thinker, took it into his own hands to nullify the attempt:

This new, overhead view – which was uploaded on Nov. 5 by the Sound Tigers – clearly shows that Leggio made absolutely no attempt to even hide his, well, unique strategy.

What becomes even clearer, however, is Leggio pointing straight to center ice after he commits the foul. It’s clear the goaltender knew what he was doing by knocking the net off and forcing the penalty shot, an attempt in which he would stop.

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On Thursday, the AHL announced a brand new rule change to prevent any further occurrences of this sort, instituting an automatic game misconduct for the offending goaltender and allowing for the opposing team to select any shooter from the ice to take the penalty shot on the replacement goaltender.

In effect, this is “The Leggio Rule.” Whether he was trying to or not, Leggio’s impact on the game of hockey will forever be remembered every time this rule comes into play. Chances are it won’t be often.