Americans do better job of selling hockey

Is there an American feed for the Stanley Cup final?

I caught one of the playoff games on an American station and they actually sell ‘our’ game better than we do! Oooooohing and aaaawhhhing, the commentator marveled at the skills of Malkin and commented “don’t pay attention to what they say about European players being unable to play this game.”

We have to get rid of the old guys in ugly suits who don’t market the talents of all players regardless of what country they come from. Malkin and Crosby have ‘Sharapovian’ or ‘Bradyian’ marketing possibilities.

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The old fellow in the weird suits is not bigger than the game. Why aren’t we marketing the game and the future of the game in the young bucks?

Until then, the NHL will continue to be a distant last place in professional sports marketing. Watch and learn how the American networks sell their top players. None of their commentators are larger than Brady or Manning or James or Bryant. Market the game and the players!

Bernadette Stang, Saskatoon, Sask.