Anaheim Ducks defenceman speaks out on the plight of real ducks

That’s why the defenceman for the Stanley Cup champion Anaheim Ducks has signed on with PETA to defend the real thing.

Niedermayer sent a letter to the 50 members of the Chicago City Council, urging them to resist efforts to repeal the city’s ban on foie gras – the delicacy from enlarged livers of force-fed ducks and geese.

“As an Anaheim Duck, I hate to see real ducks tortured so that a handful of wealthy chefs can serve their diseased organs,” wrote Niedermayer, a B.C. native who was the playoff MVP last season. “Please uphold this compassionate law.”

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His letter said foie gras production is outlawed in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and Israel. In 2012, it will become illegal to sell foie gras in California.