Analysis: League needs to learn from Tocchet lesson

So, as it turns out, Rick Tocchet’s involvement in the murky world of sports gambling wasn’t quite as sensational and unseemly as it was made out to be in the first place.

But the fact remains that he was an active participant in a gambling ring that he knew was illegal.

Two years sounds about right, but this suspension comes with a huge risk.

Judging by the fact that Tocchet publicly participated in a World Poker Tour event in the midst of all this controversy certainly would lead one to believe there is a compulsive component to his behavior.

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NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and likely Tocchet himself, had better hope the league’s substance abuse and behavioral health program gets it right on this one.

The big question is, will Tocchet’s two-year ban from the game deter others who might be inclined to go down the same path?

It should, but this seems to be a group of people who have a very difficult time learning from the lessons of others.