Applauding Mats Sundin

We are about to see a firestorm of criticism heaped upon Mats Sundin for signing with the Canucks, or, more precisely, for not re-signing with the Leafs.

Sundin is my favorite player and I wish he had come back to the Leafs, but this is professional sports and he went to a team he feels has a better chance of winning the Cup than the Leafs who, let’s face it, are several years from contending.

Why is it that no one screamed bloody murder like this when Cujo went to Detroit for less money than the Leafs were offering because he wanted to win a Cup? By the way, now that he’s back and not playing so well, there’s talk of his imminent release later this season. If this is how veterans are treated, why should Mats want to come back?

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Sundin was treated like a borderline journeyman rather than the captain and face of the franchise. He has stood up and faced the criticism for the team’s failures long enough. Leave the man alone.

Sundin bled blue and white for us for more than a decade. He’s our all-time leading scorer and a great Leaf. He owes us nothing.

I want to thank Mats for being a consummate professional amid the chaos of last season, but especially for his great Leaf career. On his return to Toronto later this season, if I can procure tickets, I will stand and cheer for Mats because, no matter where he plays, no matter what uniform he wears, Mats Sundin is my all-time favorite Maple Leaf.

Thank you Mats for always wearing your uniform and your the ‘C’ with pride and dignity.

Trevor Jones, London, Ont.