Arena of KHL’s Donbass Donetsk “seized” by armed men

The KHL’s Ukraine-based Donbass Donetsk isn’t playing this season because of the unrest in the region between Ukrainian and pro-Russian separatists – and today came news that the team’s arena was “seized.”

Last season in the KHL, Ukraine-based Donbass Donetsk finished as the fourth seed in the Western Conference. But during their playoff run, they
had to move out of their home arena and into one in Bratislava, Slovakia because of the ongoing proxy Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine. The region is
still a hot spot in the conflict as forces representing both sides struggle for control. According to the hockey club, their arena was broken into Wednesday by armed men who “seized” the offices inside the building. It wasn’t immediately clear if the group was the same one that looted the building and set it on fire in May.

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Donbass was eliminated in the second round of the Gagarin Cup playoffs last spring and on the night of May 26 and morning of May 27 their
arena was looted of computers, TVs, communication equipment and a car by armed people who then set the building on fire. This is a picture from that day:
Donbass Donestk The KHL team had to close up shop for the 2014-15 season because it wasn’t safe to continue operations.
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