Ask Adam – Mar. 9

And now, another of my patented anti-fighting rants:

Just kiddin’, people. Put the angry-email generator down. It’s mailbag time!


In 2008, both Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin are set to become restricted free agents. If those two do not sign new contracts, how willing will teams be in losing high draft picks and signing ridiculous contracts in getting one of these superstars?



Oh, I think teams would be willing, and willing in a “If-we-include-the-souls-of-our-families-in-the-deal,-would-that-cinch-it-for-you?” kind of way.

The problem is, the Penguins and Capitals will most certainly match whatever offer Crosby or Ovechkin received and accepted from another team. Meaning, they keep him.

Now, if either player were disgruntled and wanted out, the Pens or Caps would examine the option of receiving picks in return. More likely, though, is a sign-and-trade of the superstar, in a multi-player package deal that works under the salary cap and makes the Crosby-or-Ovechkin-less team more competitive right away.


I have to ask you about this because in all your trade analysis, you didn’t mention your thoughts on the Red Wings. Admittedly, I am a Detroit fan, and, therefore, definitely biased. But I also have seen almost every Wings game this year and am very familiar with their assets and holes.

I thought Kenny Holland’s moves were characteristically brilliant. I (and every other Detroit fan) expect the Red Wings to not only be a playoff team, but contend for the Cup every single year from now until forever. While the team definitely had holes, there is a long, bright future that can’t be sacrificed. Anaheim apparently felt the same way- but also didn’t get Bertuzzi for essentially NOTHING.

Also – two games in – Kyle Calder for Jason Williams is looking like the smartest deal ever, completely energizing a much-needed second line. I think this team will be an incredible threat now – this year to infinity.

Ryan, Chicago, IL


First of all, there’s a joke in there about holes and Todd Bertuzzi that’s screaming out to be made, but I refuse to sully my good name by doing so.

I don’t believe Bertuzzi’s past is guaranteed to haunt him forever, but he hasn’t looked like the same player since that awful night three years ago. That’s why Bill Guerin was their first choice. Having failed to land him, I think Holland might have felt the need to do make a move for the sake of making a move. The Wings weren’t exactly struggling before making the deal with Florida.

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But you’re right – year after year, this team (and the far less entertaining New Jersey Devils) seems to never let up, no matter how many prognosticators (I’m whistling and averting my eyes from yours right now) predict this will be the season they take a tumble.

In short, there’s a reason why Holland was No. 1 in THN’s recent ranking of NHL GMs. And assistant GM Jim Nill deserves a little of the credit, too. They’re the best at what they do.


Thanks for answering my question in February about the goalie trades before the trade deadline. It was so cool to see my name and my question up on the site.

So, how about those New York Islanders? They’ve been on a roll for two months and always find a way to get a least a point in every game…and that was before Ryan Smyth, Marc-Andre Bergeron and Richard Zednik. A round of applause to Ted Nolan for making the club competitive.

Now, do you think Garth Snow has put together a team that won’t just be a hard first-round test, but a team that can actually put up a fight and win a couple series?

Brian Bond, Rochester, N.Y.


For much of the season, my vote (on the ballot I don’t receive) for coach of the year would’ve gone to Barry Trotz. However, I’ve changed my mind. It has to be Nolan.

Of the Isles’ many doubters (I’m whistling and averting my eyes from yours right now), only a fool would deny the overachievement that’s gone on at Nassau Coliseum this season. And Nolan is as big a part of it as anyone.

For now, that’s all I’m going to say on the topic. Okay, I’ll say one more thing: In the next few weeks, I’ve got a Proteau Type column in The Hockey News magazine that Isles fans will be very interested in reading.

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