Automatic icing please!

OK, it’s time for the NHL to institute another new rule.

No, none of this “bigger nets and smaller goalie pads” nonsense, but automatic icing.

After watching the Predators lose their second-best defenseman, Shea Weber, to injury after racing to touch up for icing against the Kings on Dec. 23, and almost losing their third-best defenseman, Dan Hamhuis, in the same situation against Columbus on Dec. 27, the NHL has to eliminate touch up icing.

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Sure, there is the rare occasion when a forward wins the race and maybe even scores a goal, but does that one goal really outweigh a team losing one of their best defensemen for a game/week/month because he’s injured?

I don’t think so and I think the NHL needs to protect the safety of its players by making icing automatic.

Matt Ward, Nashville, TN