Avalanche show off sleek Stadium Series jerseys, reference ‘Mile-High City’ on unique collar

Monday afternoon, the Colorado Avalanche unveiled their jerseys for the 2016 Stadium Series. The jerseys pay homage to the rivalry with the Detroit Red Wings and make reference to Denver’s claim as the ‘Mile-High City’ with a unique shoutout on the collar.

When Colorado and Detroit square off at Denver’s Coors Field for their 2016 Stadium Series game, the Avalanche will be skating out in a jersey never before worn by the franchise. Unlike previous teams who have taken the ice in “throwback” or “heritage” jerseys for the outdoor contests, the Avalanche will be wearing a first-of-its-kind primary logo and the jersey design will look more modern than anything the club has worn in its 20 years in the Rockies. The new jersey was modelled by captain
Gabriel Landeskog at an event Monday. The new jersey, which is a primarily white sweater with blue, silver and burgundy striping on the sleeves, features the brand new shoulder patch logo that the Avalanche introduced earlier this off-season as the main logo.

Avs Stadium Series collage
(Images via Colorado Avalanche/Twitter) Back again are the larger-than-normal numbers on the jersey’s sleeve, which will help fans at Coors Field, home of the MLB’s Colorado Rockies, pick out the players while they’re on the ice. But above all, there’s one small detail that really makes the jersey unique. In the shot of Landeskog facing the crowd, you may notice there is a number stitched into the jersey’s collar. That number is 5,280, or the elevation of Denver, the Mile-High City. “As they did during the height of the rivalry with the Red Wings, the Avalanche, as the home team, will feature white as the main color of the jersey; a connection to the snow-capped peaks of the Rockies,” the Avalanche said in a statement. “The C puck mark becomes a powerful front crest, an unmistakable reference to Colorado hockey. Streamlined sleeve striping connects to the bold visual of the Avalanche stripe, part of the team’s socks since 1995. The modern styled collar features a 5,280 call out, referencing the Avalanche’s home in the Mile-High City.” Per the Avalanche, this is the seventh jersey design the Avalanche have had. The Avalanche are set to faceoff against the Red Wings at Coors Field on Feb. 27. Detroit has yet to unveil their jerseys for the outdoor contest.

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