Avery getting a raw deal

Let me start by saying that I am a New York Rangers fan, not a Sean Avery fan. I do not hate Avery, though.

I do agree his comments earlier this season were uncalled for, as are many of his on-ice antics (the tapping of Tim Thomas’ helmet, for instance), but I have had it with the anti-Avery bias by the refs in the Rangers-Capitals series so far.

I’m no conspiracy theorist or anything, Avery does do some dumb things and deserves to be called for them, but this series has had some ridiculous calls.

The one that made me write this letter occurred in Game 4. While chasing the puck into the Caps end, Avery tried to check Milan Jurcina, who managed to avoid most of the impact.

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Avery, being the physical player that he is, was following through on the hit, he wasn’t even looking anywhere close to the direction of Jurcina, he just moved his body and arms to keep his balance.

On his follow-through Avery’s right hand caught Jurcina in the bridge of the nose and cut him. Avery was called for roughing and to top it off the commentator says, “that’s how he makes it look like an accident.”

I know Avery does do more than his fair share of things that make you scratch your head, but I think even he deserves a fair shake.

Mike Brassard, Champlain, N.Y.