Award winning, not losing

John Stimson, Lethbridge Alta.

In the Big 3 sports, no sympathy is given for overtime losses.

I feel the quality of play in the NHL would be greatly enhanced if OT consisted of a five-minute 4-on-4 followed by 3-on-3 until a goal is scored with two points going to the winner and none to the loser.

Standings would be easier to follow as only wins and losses would be counted. Every game would have a winner and if you lose in overtime, tough luck.

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I feel like every regular season game would have more incentive and there would be less boring defensive trapping if a team knew they couldn’t settle for an extra point because they’d have to win.

Having some games worth two points and others worth three creates an unbalanced standing setup. Let’s take a page from the three most popular sports in North America.