Babcock, Carlyle muse about what they might say on HBO’s 24/7

Emotions sometimes get the better of intense Mike Babcock and volatile Randy Carlyle behind closed doors. Will that come through on HBO’s 24/7?

I have the privilege of attending the Winter Classic this season, one of the 100,000 bodies who’ll shoe-horn into the Big House, huddled to witness a spectacle.

Along with the anticipation of excitement that comes with any cool life experience, I have some logistical questions leading to Jan. 1, the most crucial being: how long will the line be for the men’s room?

I understand in a mammoth stadium the sightlines aren’t going to be intimate, regardless of where I’m sitting. But that’s irrelevant. The atmosphere is the thing; the game is secondary.

Besides, we’ll all have the opportunity to get up close and personal via 24/7, the multiple Emmy Award winning HBO series that debuts this season this Saturday.

HBO has shared some teaser clips for the Red Wings-Maple Leafs event. My favorite is the one in which the coaches discuss their styles and the impact of cameras in their dressing rooms. Detroit’s Mike Babcock is particularly candid about what comes out of his mouth at times and how he occasionally has to apologize to his players. “I like to think I do things right,” Babcock says. “When I don’t, I don’t need it on TV.”

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Toronto’s Randy Carlyle, who acknowledges his volatility, is similarly curious about what’s going to be captured on film for posterity. “In the situation,” he says, “who knows what’s going to happen.”

We trust neither is going to pull a Bruce Boudreau. But we can dream.