Back to ESPN? No way

John Degler, Manheim, Pa.
Adam Proteau suggested in the Jan. 11th edition of The Hockey News that the NHL should return their broadcasts to ESPN.

Maybe he has forgotten that when ESPN did the broadcasts hockey was no better than a third-place venue to the NBA and College Basketball, replaced by baseball in the spring.

At the most important time of the year, in the playoffs, the viewer was lucky to get three or four games a week.

We now have two Versus games a week along with games on the NHL Network to supplement local broadcasts.

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More hockey is available to American fans then ever before, including two games every night on Versus during the playoffs until NBC takes over the Stanley Cup final.

If other areas of the country have a difficult time in seeing hockey, they need to contact their cable companies. Going back to ESPN would be a huge mistake in my opinion.

We have channels now where hockey is No. 1.