Balsillie bid is basic math

John C. Caulfield, Petersburg N.J.

I must admit I lack the business savvy to fully understand the inner-workings of a deal involving millions of dollars. However, I do posses the basic math skills to know that $212.5 million is way more money than $148 million.

Clearly, the “league” likes its votes unanimous and continues to thwart Balsillie at every opportunity. The NHL in its continued pursuit of irony has gone on record through Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs to state Jim Balsillie lacks the character to be an NHL owner.

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That is a pretty telling statement. There is no doubt former owners John Rigas, Henry Samueli, William Del Biaggio, Bruce McNall and Peter Pocklington agree with him whole-heartedly.

It makes one wonder why Bettman is so adamant about blocking Balsillie and his BlackBerry empire from getting in to the league. But I suppose its not that curious. After all, the man who negotiated the current TV deal seems the perfect broker to accept a deal worth $64.5 million dollars less than he can get.