Ban the black

Emery Johnston, New London, N.H.

What is it with black in hockey?  It used to be that hockey was the most colorful sport out there, with the bright orange of Calgary, the royal blue of Quebec and the bright green and yellow of Minnesota.

The only (true) black was the black and gold of my Boston Bruins. Then came along the famous (or infamous) “third jerseys” and away went the color of the sport. 

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See Carolina, Phoenix, L.A., Chicago, and, yes, my Bruins.

I thought this was too much. Now THN has gone to the black theme in their covers (see the Bucks and Pucks and the No Money issues).  Enough is enough!  

Please, please, please stop with the black! 

Thank God some teams are going back to their colorful origins (thank you, Calgary!) and not that depressing black.