Beer cost index shows which arenas give the best bang for your buck

This isn’t the type of advanced stats you’re used to seeing, but a hard-working Reddit user came up with the Relative Beer Cost Per Ounce chart for every team in the NHL. Fans at Canadiens games are paying a pretty penny for their suds.

There’s a strange phenomenon in Winnipeg wherein fans flock out of the MTS Centre at intermission to cross the street to any of a couple watering holes to get beer. It’s cheaper and, in notoriously cheap Winnipeg, that’s about all that matters, even in the dead of winter. Now, thanks to one especially enterprising fan of both hockey and beer, you can visualize just how expensive it is to buy a beer (per ounce) at each arena throughout the NHL. Maybe those Jets fans are on to something:

RelativeBeerCost The creator of this handy chart, a Reddit user who goes by the apt handle
Librewian, lets us in on a few things about how he came up with the data. First, the data is strictly based off of the price of what he refers to as “packaged Bud Light,” or a beer that comes in a bottle or can. Second, all data was comprised from the help of Reddit users and therefore may have slight inaccuracies. One such inaccuracy appears to be the price per ounce for beer at Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre, which apparently is more accurately priced at roughly $0.59 per ounce. Regardless of a few slight changes or simple errors in the data, you have to appreciate the lengths this fan went to. In fact, he wrote an
entire abstract based on the data, which includes reasoning for the “study,” a methodology, the difficulties in executing his research, and, ultimately, his findings. If that’s not enough, there’s even a section in which the fan gives us “full disclosure,” which includes Librewian letting us know he or she owns some stock in beer companies. There’s also this little tidbit: at the Pepsi Center, where the Colorado Avalanche play, you can find the cheapest single beer price on the market, where a 16 oz. beer will run a patron roughly USD$7. Maybe that’s enough for some Jets fans to attempt to get to Denver between periods.

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