Belinda Stronach says Tie Domi’s divorce has nothing to do with her

In a statement issued Friday, the Liberal MP said, “any problems between Tie and Leanne Domi are not related to me.”

However in a divorce application filed on Sept. 18, Leanne Domi asserts the end of her marriage was directly related to an “intimate, sexual relationship” between Stronach and her husband.

Stronach did not directly address the allegations in her statement, choosing instead to focus on lamenting the scrutiny of her private life that comes with being a public figure.

“I have chosen a public vocation and I recognize the scrutiny and attention that comes with that,” she said.

In a statement issued Thursday, Tie Domi took much the same approach, saying that as a public figure he is accustomed to his personal matters becoming public gossip fodder.

He said the problems with his wife of 13 years go back several years and admitted he was not without blame.

“I accept my part of the responsibility for the failure of our marriage but it has, indisputably, been a shared failure.”

Stronach said the Domi’s marriage and divorce proceedings are between them and she cannot speak to their issues.

“Despite the inaccurate and irresponsible statements about me that have been made over the past week both to the media and in other places, I felt I could not make any pubic comments that related to the personal situation of Tie and Leanne Domi,” she said.

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Leanne Domi also alleged that her husband cheated on her with actress Tia Carrere, who also jumped into the public statement fray Friday to set the record straight on “slanderous accusations.”

“My friendship with Mr. Domi over the years has never been anything but platonic,” read a statement issued by Carrere.

Leanne Domi has not made any direct statements to the media about the breakdown of her marriage, yet the allegations laid out in the divorce application are quite specific.

“Tie Domi has committed adultery with Belinda Stronach,” the first line of the court document reads.

She goes on to detail times when she alleges Tie Domi lied about his whereabouts, spent increasingly more time with Stronach and was spotted in Manhattan by a friend, where the pair were holding hands.

The divorce application states that on July 22, after hearing a friend saw them in Manhattan, she tearfully implored her husband to explain, “Why he’d done what he’d done.”

He responded, “I am so sorry Leanne . . . just leave Belinda out of this,” the court document says.

Both Stronach and Tie Domi said in their statements that they have nothing further to add, and will not be speaking publicly about the matter again.