Bettman’s last straw

Jordan Philbert, Sherbrooke, Que.

Though most people see Gary Bettman as a joke as commissioner, I for one kept giving him a chance and believed he would be the one to make the NHL right once again.

That is until now.

After what he did – fining the Devils $3 million, and a first and third round draft choice – for New Jersey “circumventing” the salary cap, I’ve lost faith.

Bettman has no valid reason for doing this and because it got rejected twice is not a reason for the NHL to do this.

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All GM Lou Lamoriello was trying to do was find a deal that conforms to the CBA and he gets punished for doing his job.

Bettman shouldn’t be the commissioner of the NHL. He isn’t making the game better and he imposes a bunch of double standards for every rule in the game.

If someone can replace him sooner than later, it will be better for the fans, players, teams and most of all, the game of hockey.