Bid to buy Canucks bogged down over Olympic revenues, former partner says

Tom Gaglardi is testifying in B.C. Supreme Court in a civil case against Francesco Aquilini, who he alleges used insider information to wrest control of the multimillion-dollar deal to buy the NHL team and its home, GM Place.

Gaglardi told the court after months of intense negotiation he got a call from team owner John McCaw on Nov. 5, 2004, telling him the deal was off.

McCaw agreed to meet with him to discuss it further but a date kept getting postponed.

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Ten days later, Gaglardi learned from a TV news report that his old partner Aquilini had bought a 50 per cent stake in the team.

Gaglardi says he called Aquilini and asked why after 15 years of knowing each other he couldn’t have picked up a phone but Aquilini wouldn’t give him an answer.