Big storm in Tampa Bay

The new Lightning owners have kicked the Tampa Bay fans in the gut, not because they were behind the Richards trade last season nor because they’ve made a mockery of themselves and the staff with their self-aggrandizing video and eager headline seeking.

The new owners, coach and management lied to the fans during the season ticket holders’ drive by saying they would keep Dan Boyle. Boyle is not the issue here; players come and go. They deliberately, publicly deceived the fan base upon which they depend on for their existence.

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We now have Hollywood producers as owners (whom I’m sure believe they should still be on the ice themselves), a television star coach (whom no one liked in that job, either), two assistant coaches with suspect pasts, and a shredded patchwork of a team.

We deserve to be the laughing stock of the NHL.

Lisa Marie Phillips, Anna Maria Island, Fla.