Bird’s-eye view: NHL’s Stadium Series webcam gets a surprise visitor

The NHL has set up a webcam documenting the construction of the outdoor rink at California’s Levi Stadium for this Saturday’s game between the Sharks and Kings – but the camera received an unexpected visitor: a curious crow.

As the NHL’s Stadium Series game between the San Jose Sharks and L.A. Kings approaches, the league’s webcam documenting the building of the rink at Levi’s Stadium received a surprise visitor: a curious crow that made a brief, but memorable cameo.

The Stadium Series game – scheduled for this Saturday at the massive outdoor venue normally used by the NFL’s San Francisco 49ersis officially sold out with some 69,000 seat sold, and the NHL’s highly skilled ice crew is hard at work to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. The league had been using a stationary webcam to give fans the full view of the rink being set up, but the aforementioned crow decided to insert itself between the camera lens and the field for a handful of captivating seconds:

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Don’t see the crow’s appearance as any sort of bad omen. The surprise visitor could have been far worse – the crow that appeared could’ve been the creepy three-eyed raven from TV’s popular Game of Thrones series.