Blackhawks set New Year’s resolutions with help of junior reporters

If you remember Chicago fan favorite Joey the Junior Reporter, you’ll love this video. Joey’s younger brothers, Dom and Vince, take to the Blackhawks room to find out what the team wants to accomplish in the New Year.

Joey the Junior Reporter has been a fixture of the Blackhawks dressing room for several seasons, but, according to Joey, he’s no longer a junior reporter. No, at age 9, he’s now a senior reporter, ready to enlist in the help of his younger brothers to get the hard-hitting answers.

Dom and Vince, Joey’s younger brothers, are new on the Blackhawks beat and the elder statesman showed them the ropes before throwing them right into the fire to get to the bottom of what a select group of Blackhawks want to achieve in 2015:

Something tells me that Dom and Vince have their own resolution, and that’s to play some video games with the Blackhawks. The team does have a history with Mario Kart, so I guess it makes a bit of sense.

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One of the best moments comes when Kris Versteeg is accused of using some less than nice language on the ice. No idea how the junior reporters have been catching it, but they’re apparently going to make sure they keep Versteeg in check beginning tomorrow. But the clip that really takes the cake comes at the end, when Patrick Sharp is asked by Dom if his mom is allowed to join when they play video games.