Blackhawks star Duncan Keith helps special little girl skate and score a goal for the first time

Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith recently helped a very special little girl skate and score a goal for the first time. If you don’t have a tissue nearby before watching this heartwarming video, you’re probably going to need one.

Chicago Blackhawks star Duncan Keith is like many NHLers in that he devotes much of his off-ice time to charitable endeavors. And recently, the 31-year-old defenseman did a world of good by doing one of the simplest things any player can do: give their time and heart to a special little girl who was skating – and scoring a goal – for the very first time.

Keith met with a toddler named Cammy and her parents at the Hawks’ practice facility; the young girl has severe cognitive challenges and is unable to walk or speak, but she has a brilliant smile and passion for hockey and wanted little more than to get on the ice, put a puck in a net, and have the goal assisted by her favorite player. That’s just what Keith did for her:

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Athletes in every sport grant wishes like Cammy’s every day – many times, away from the spotlight – and Keith is no different. He and his fellow NHLers recognize the power their skills and status have over people from all walks of life, and they do what they can to give back to the community that’s given them a life of good fortune.